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The Austin Woods & Waters Club is a hunting & fishing club.

The Austin Woods & Waters Club is a social club for men and women who like to hunt, fish and share their stories, while perpetuating the hunting heritage for future generations. 

Many of our members were fortunate to grow up with easy access to hunting and fishing opportunities, opportunities which are not as affordable or accessible to the average Texan today.  Programs like the Texas Youth Hunting Program provide affordable access to a variety of hunting, camping, fishing and outdoor activities for the family seeking to carry on a family tradition, or create a tradition of outdoor life that may be missing from their heritage. 

Membership in our organization comes at a modest cost but has many benefits:

  • Monthly social hours & dinners featuring outdoor speakers. Meet and become friends with those who share your values. Most of our member’s outdoor friends have come through the Club. Hear outfitters and outdoor experts share their experiences.
  • Outfitter reviews from members who have hunted and fished in the area for decades. They know the ones who deliver and the ones who don’t and will share that knowledge with you.
  • Family outdoors opportunities. Most of our trips are youth and female friendly so you can get your whole family involved in the outdoors.
  • Opportunities to find others who share your interests and will accompany you on the trips that you want to take.

Established in 1965

We are the longest running hunting and fishing club in this area.

AWWC Officers

President: Kim Ray

Vice President: Richard Hallum

Secretary: Brandon Borke

Treasurer: Tommy Ward

Contact Us

Austin Woods and Waters Club
P.O. Box 91028
Austin, Texas 78709

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